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Seeds for Your Soul Audio Pack $297

After 30 years of sharing her knowledge and interviewing hundres of the world's greatest energy workers, healers, authors and transformational leaders, Debra Poneman has created this Powerful New Program:

Seeds For Your Soul: A Life Beyond Happy

Six Powerful Downloadable MP3 Audio Presentations for Those Who are Ready to Live Lives of  Profound Happiness and Effortless Flow

Yes to Success Seminar Audio Pack $297

You can now own Debra Poneman's complete Yes to Success Seminar Audio Pack plus THREE FREE bonus gifts at over 90% SAVINGS!!

Everything you need to live your phenomenal life is in the Yes to Success Seminar with Debra Poneman. This audio pack includes the entire seminar - the same knowledge that tens of thousands of people around the world have paid up to $895 to receive and some of the most renowned transformational leaders in the world say was the key to their own success and what taught them what they needed to do to live the life of their dreams.

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Motivational Books

YES! To Success $29 (Includes tax and shipping in the US. Additional shipping for international sales)
2 CD's

In this live presentation recorded at Chris and Janet Attwood's Discover Your Destiny seminar, Debra tells that story of how she gave up her career at the peak of her success when she realized she had an even greater passion and why following your heart will always lead you to success and happiness - in fact, it's the only way there. She also shares simple techniques to align with your higher self and explains how each one of us truly has the power to change the world - and how to do it.

Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul

Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul $14.95 (Includes tax and shipping in the US. Additional shipping for international sales)
By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Debra Poneman

For the first time ever, the #1 show in television history and the #1 non-fiction book series in publishing history have come together to bring you Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. These stories of overcoming odds and going through adversity while staying true to yourself; of hope and love and letting your light shine; of living your dreams—and in some cases, watching them slip away, bring the reader into the world of American Idol .

In this book, those closest to the heart of American Idol —the contestants, the producers, the behind-the-scenes crew, and the fans—share their tales of audition excitement, backstage elation and tears, and lives touched and changed forever.

THE PERFECT GIFT for any Idol fan!!

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What, No Meat?

What, No Meat?!
What to do When Your Kid Becomes a Vegetarian
$14.95 (Includes tax and shipping in the US. Additional shipping for international sales)
By Debra Halperin Poneman and Emily Anderson Greene
With a foreword by Marilyn Diamond

Written for the concerned and bewildered parents of the more than one million school-age children who have stopped eating meat and the millions more who have significantly limited their meat consumption, this lighthearted book offers ways to simply and effortlessly accommodate a child's transition to a vegetarian diet. It includes sound facts about the nutritional aspects of vegetarianism, suggestions for grocery shopping for a vegetarian, fun and easy recipes that include tofu and other meat alternatives, and tips on managing holidays and family gatherings where meat is often a staple. With information from trustworthy sources such as the American Dietetic Association, American Heart Association, and American Council on Nutrition, this book allays parental fears about the risks of nutritional deficiencies of a vegetarian diet. Also covered are the emotional aspects of facilitating and supporting a child's transition to a vegetarian diet.

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Thank God I

Thank God I $19.99 (Includes tax and shipping in the US. Additional shipping for international sales)
Created by John Castagnini
Featuring a story by Debra Poneman entitled Thank God I Went Out of My Mind.

Have you ever been traumatized by the loss of a job or devastated by the death of a loved one? Have you ever felt like giving up when a partner was unfaithful or asking, "Why me?"
If you are ready to soar past life's problems and embrace your greatness, whatever the circumstances, this book is for you.
In this collection of over 50 stories with titles like Thank God I Went to Prison; Thank God I had a Child with Down Syndrome; and Thank God I Am Blind; you will find amazing stories from everyday people who overcame unbelievable challenges and still went on to say “Thank God I…..”

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