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It's Time to Say YES! to Success

Debra’s Signature Presentation

Whether you are a meeting planner, event coordinator or corporate leader, you know that there is one thing everyone has in common: they want more success in their life.

In this powerful, entertaining and inspiring presentation Debra helps people see what they would really need to have, be or do in order to say, “I am successful and I love my life!” She then shares practical and easily implementable techniques to start creating that success - and experiencing the increased self-confidence, happiness and productivity that inevitably results.

Debra’s cutting edge knowledge combined with her uncanny ability to intimately connect with audiences no matter how large have allowed her to always receive the highest ratings possible from participants and planners alike.

When Debra speaks, not only are people captivated but they find that their lives dramatically shift – from her 50-minute keynote alone!


If you are looking for a speaker or workshop leader who delivers a powerful message with heartfelt authenticity, then you must consider Debra Poneman. She will challenge your audience to think about success in a brand new way as she shares compelling personal stories and real world examples that will have them laughing one moment and crying the next. Most of all, she will inspire the audience to greatness. In short, Debra Poneman is a sure thing!

Emily Green
President, VIVA Creative

This presentation is available as a 50-minute to 2-hour keynote or a ˝ day or full-day fully interactive workshop. Debra is also available to present the entire 3-day Yes to Success workshop for your company, association or organization.

How I Discovered the Secrets to Life at Chuck E Cheese

A crowd favorite with women in general and especially with moms

A master story-teller, Debra shares her amazing journey from the years she spent in meditation and silence at the feet of the greatest living masters of the east, to her mega-acclaim as an international speaker, seminar leader and business owner, to the day, at the height of her success, that she decided to take a 21 year break and follow her heart’s desire - to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Now a best-selling author, she is back on the speaking circuit, and has woven into this entertaining talk that is at one moment poignant and the next hilarious, profound practical and life-changing “spiritual” knowledge that she gained from those 21 years "at home."  Audience members everywhere have reported that this presentation has changed the way they look at their own lives and how they perceive success - and motherhood.

I have heard countless speakers who were educational and uplifting, but when I am in a room with Debra Poneman, I feel her energy literally illuminate the light inside me. With brilliance, ease and grace she takes you to a new level of what is possible within yourself. All I can say is 'fasten your seat belts.'

Stacy Steinberg, Entrepreneur and YPO Chicago Spouse

This presentation is available as a 50-minute to 2-hour presentation only.

Going for Your Dreams: Life Lessons from the American Idols

Ideal for youth or groups who want to be inspired to make their dreams come true

As co-author of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul, the book that brought together the #1 show in television history and the #1 non-fiction book series in publishing history, Debra spent six months interviewing top interviewing top 10 Idols from every season, as well as the behind-the-scenes crew, producers, directors, fans and judges.

In this presentation, which is an audience favorite, Debra shares never-before-told stories that the television cameras don't see: true, uplifting tales of obstacles overcome, lessons learned and lives changed forever. This talk not only touches the heart, but opens everyone to the unlimited possibilities in their own lives.

I immediately booked Debra for the LA Conscious Life Expo in February 2011 after hearing her at Grail Springs, Canada in June 2010. Although there were four other competing speakers during her time slot in LA, her room was packed to the brim with standing room only. Her first-hand stories about the Idols and judges had everyone riveted. The whole room was inspired beyond words as she led us on a delightful and interactive journey through the highs and lows of the world that is American Idol.
When the evaluations were in, Debra was definitely acknowledged as one of the Expo's indisputable favorites!

Dawna Shuman, Lighthouse Public Relations
Director of PR and Marketing
Conscious Life Expo, Visionaries Conference

This presentation is available as a 50-minute to 2-hour presentation only.




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